Photovoltaic power stations are power stations based on photovoltaic power generation systems. The design of photovoltaic power station, according to the DC voltage requirements of the input end of the inverter, a certain number of photovoltaic modules are composed of a series, which are collected through the DC busbar in multiple series, and the power supply that meets the frequency and voltage requirements of the grid is boosted by the inverter and the booster transformer. This is composed of a certain number of photovoltaic modules - DC bus box - inverter - local booster transformer set into a power generation unit, photovoltaic power station is composed of multiple photovoltaic power generation units.

  The combined transformer for photovoltaic power generation is a complete set of booster transformer substation which integrates the base of the collector box, the booster transformer, the high voltage switch room and the low voltage switch room. Electrical equipment includes transformers, low-voltage switchgear, high-voltage load switches, high-voltage fuses, high-voltage live displays, etc. The high-voltage load switch and high-voltage fuse are placed in the transformer oil tank and are in the same box with the transformer body. The oil tank is fully sealed, equipped with oil temperature controller, oil level gauge, pressure gauge and other components to monitor the operation of the transformer. The plug and pull type dry fuse is used to separate the fuse from the transformer oil, and the performance of the transformer oil will not be affected after the fuse is blown. The overall size is small, and the industry has become a "photovoltaic beauty change".

When a local booster transformer is connected to two inverters without isolation transformers, double split winding transformers are generally used, and the transformer capacity can be selected according to the maximum output power of the photovoltaic array unit module. For photovoltaic power stations with large wind or sand, when outdoor arrangements are used, the coastal protection level should reach IP65, and the protection level of photovoltaic power stations with large wind and sand should reach IP54.

●Altitude: h < 1000m.

●Ambient temperature: -30℃<T < +45℃.

Temperature: Monthly average maximum temperature: T < +35℃.

●Humidity: Maximum monthly average relative humidity: 90% (20℃).●日最高平均相对湿度为:95%(20℃)。
Seismic: intensity < 8 degrees; Ground horizontal acceleration 0.2g, ground vertical acceleration: 0.2g.

●Wind speed: <35m/s

●The pollution level of the use occasion: Ⅲ.

●Waterproof class: Level 3.

●Installation site:

The slope of the ground shall not exceed 3 degrees, and there shall be no violent vibration shock, no fire, no serious pollution, no chemical corrosive medium and dust, and no explosive danger. It should be installed on a cement platform or other flat and solid platform.

If the above conditions are difficult to meet the requirements, please negotiate with our company for a solution.

1、 Combined transformer structure scheme

1.1"Product" shape, that is, the high-voltage chamber, low-voltage chamber and transformer room are arranged in a "product" shape

1.2 The "eye" shape, that is, the high voltage chamber, the low voltage chamber and the transformer room are arranged in the "eye" shape

1.3 "L" shape, that is, the high-voltage chamber, low-voltage chamber and transformer chamber are arranged in an "L" shape

2、Transformer performance parameter

2.1 Rated voltage levels: 35KVA, 20KVA and 10KVA

2.2 Rated frequency: 50HZ

2.3 The insulation levels are as follows:

The transformer insulation class is Class A insulation, the winding temperature rise does not exceed 65K, the oil top temperature rise does not exceed 55K.

Shell protection class: IP68 oil tank, IP33D high and low pressure chamber.

3、Load switch performance parameters

4、High pressure oil immersed fuse type, technical parameters

5、Technical parameters of high voltage arrester

 Because the photovoltaic box is far away from the control room and is very scattered, the integrated automation system of the booster station has been unable to realize the monitoring and control of the wind power box, making the box transformer system an information island and a monitoring blind area of the photovoltaic power field. Our company has installed a special intelligent control device for photovoltaic box transformer in the photovoltaic box transformer, complete the collection of all information on the photovoltaic box transformer low voltage side, the light and heavy gas of the transformer, high oil temperature, low oil level non-power protection, remote control and communication functions of the low-voltage circuit breaker, so that the photovoltaic box becomes the first power transformation link of photovoltaic power generation. Realize the remote management and automatic monitoring of the above information of the photovoltaic box, and meet the operation management mode of "less people on duty" of wind power projects. Then through the remote dispatch to achieve the booster station "remote message, telemetry, remote control, remote adjustment" functions.

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